North Suburban Ladies Tennis Association

Melbourne, Australia.

19th Sep 2020 18:01:23 
2020 AUTUMN - missing results

August 20 - round 6
Section 1Yarraville (white) v Buckley ParkAlma Henshall - 93791047
 Essendon (black) v Williamstown 
 Essendon (red) v Yarraville (red) 
Section 2Buckley Park v HumeRosemary Frederick - 0447572086
 Maribyrnong Park v Oak Park 
 Essendon v Sunbury 
 Oln v Corpus Christi 
Section 3Keilor East v Doutta GallaLeanne Lewis - 0412299374
 Buckley Park v Royal Park 
 Corpus Christi v Sunbury 
 Glenroy v St Vincents 
Section 4Keilor East v RosamondCarole Houston - 0419560436
 Maribyrnong Park v Oln 
 St Monicas v Buckley Park 
 Williamstown v Hadfield 
Section 5Airport West v StrathmoreHelen Mansfield - 93331261
 Doutta Galla v Hillside 
 Keilor v Avondale Heights 
 St Monicas v Essendon 
Section 6Greenvale v TullamarineLyn Goodwin - 93362042
 St Vincents *Str v St Monicas 
 West Brunswick (red) v Buckley Park 
 Oak Park v West Brunswick (black) 
Section 7Keilor East v Maribyrnong ParkMaureen Morrish - 93361915
 Strathmore v Oak Park 
 St Vincents v Avondale Heights 
 Keilor Park v Essendon 
August 27 - round 7
Section 1Yarraville (red) v Essendon (black)Alma Henshall - 93791047
 Keilor v Essendon (red) 
 Williamstown v Yarraville (white) 
Section 2Sunbury v Maribyrnong ParkRosemary Frederick - 0447572086
 Hume v Oln 
 Corpus Christi v Essendon 
 Oak Park v Buckley Park 
Section 3Sunbury v Buckley ParkLeanne Lewis - 0412299374
 Doutta Galla v Glenroy 
 St Vincents v Corpus Christi 
 Royal Park v Keilor East 
Section 4Buckley Park v Maribyrnong ParkCarole Houston - 0419560436
 Rosamond v Williamstown 
 Hadfield v St Monicas 
 Oln v Keilor East 
Section 5Avondale Heights v Doutta GallaHelen Mansfield - 93331261
 Strathmore v St Monicas 
 Essendon v Keilor 
 Hillside v Airport West 
Section 6Buckley Park v St Vincents *StrLyn Goodwin - 93362042
 Tullamarine v Oak Park 
 West Brunswick (black) v West Brunswick (red) 
 St Monicas v Greenvale 
Section 7Avondale Heights v StrathmoreMaureen Morrish - 93361915
 Maribyrnong Park v Keilor Park 
 Essendon v St Vincents 
 Oak Park v Keilor East 
September 3 - round 8
Section 1Williamstown v Yarraville (red)Alma Henshall - 93791047
 Keilor v Essendon (black) 
 Buckley Park v Essendon (red) 
Section 2Oak Park v SunburyRosemary Frederick - 0447572086
 Corpus Christi v Maribyrnong Park 
 Hume v Essendon 
 Buckley Park v Oln 
Section 3Royal Park v SunburyLeanne Lewis - 0412299374
 St Vincents v Buckley Park 
 Doutta Galla v Corpus Christi 
 Keilor East v Glenroy 
Section 4Oln v Buckley ParkCarole Houston - 0419560436
 Hadfield v Maribyrnong Park 
 Rosamond v St Monicas 
 Keilor East v Williamstown 
Section 5Hillside v Avondale HeightsHelen Mansfield - 93331261
 Essendon v Doutta Galla 
 Strathmore v Keilor 
 Airport West v St Monicas 
Section 6St Monicas v Buckley ParkLyn Goodwin - 93362042
 West Brunswick (black) v St Vincents *Str 
 Tullamarine v West Brunswick (red) 
 Greenvale v Oak Park 
Section 7Oak Park v Avondale HeightsMaureen Morrish - 93361915
 Essendon v Strathmore 
 Maribyrnong Park v St Vincents 
 Keilor East v Keilor Park 
September 10 - round 9
Section 1Essendon (red) v Yarraville (white)Alma Henshall - 93791047
 Essendon (black) v Buckley Park 
 Yarraville (red) v Keilor 
Section 2Essendon v Buckley ParkRosemary Frederick - 0447572086
 Maribyrnong Park v Hume 
 Sunbury v Corpus Christi 
 Oln v Oak Park 
Section 3Corpus Christi v Keilor EastLeanne Lewis - 0412299374
 Buckley Park v Doutta Galla 
 Sunbury v St Vincents 
 Glenroy v Royal Park 
Section 4St Monicas v Keilor EastCarole Houston - 0419560436
 Maribyrnong Park v Rosamond 
 Buckley Park v Hadfield 
 Williamstown v Oln 
Section 5Keilor v Airport WestHelen Mansfield - 93331261
 Doutta Galla v Strathmore 
 Avondale Heights v Essendon 
 St Monicas v Hillside 
Section 6West Brunswick (red) v GreenvaleLyn Goodwin - 93362042
 St Vincents *Str v Tullamarine 
 Buckley Park v West Brunswick (black) 
 Oak Park v St Monicas 
Section 7St Vincents v Keilor EastMaureen Morrish - 93361915
 Strathmore v Maribyrnong Park 
 Avondale Heights v Essendon 
 Keilor Park v Oak Park 

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